Our Process

Local SEO and Off Page Optimization:

Making your website Local SEO friendly will showcase your business over a variety of top online search sources like Google Places, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, Local Business Sites, Online Yellow Pages, Local Web Directories, GPS Devices, Social media sites, Reviews & Rating sites like Yelp, Local Classifieds, Local B2B Portals, Bookmarking sites and so many other places which have local scope….read more

Social Media:

From Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, Bebo, Vine…. and let’s not forget “Getting Google with it.” We are educated and experience in Google Authorship, Blogger, Pages, Profiles, Gmail, Hangout, Youtube, Offers, Events, Adsense, Adwords Express, the list could go on and on!…read more

Software Design & Development:

Software Design and Development can be a complex process to navigate even for skilled programmers.  At DAASN we seek to identify your individual software needs to create a unique product or service specifically aimed at boosting efficiency in your business.  Whether it’s an app idea or a database overhaul, our team of professional deliver solutions to meet your needs no matter where you in the development processread more.

Content Development:

Content drives the consumer, our Chief Content Writer, “keeps it acadamic”, with his PHD, we let him decide on what we should say, how to say it, when to say it, where to say it, how much to say it, why are we saying it and the end result is for our clients is Page Views, clicks, phone calls, emails, sharing, liking, trending and someone buying your products.

Last but definitely not the least, we build responsive, optimized content driven interactive websites that help you achieve your goals of being found buy your consumers on any platforms such as a tablet, cell phone or desktop, with engaging social media and content to keep the attention of your next new customer…read more

On Page Optimization:

When it comes to website promotions, it is important that you check your site for integrated SEO factors. The SEO health of the website plays an important role in guiding the search engine crawlers to the right spot on your website which is otherwise known as search engine indexing. On Page SEO services not only make your website SEO-friendly but also enhances the overall user experience as well.

The best part about On Page SEO is the fact that most of the work done on your website is A ONE TIME JOB! Hence, this becomes a much affordable and predictable for your budgets, incredibly significant and extremely effective search engine optimization strategy for your website!

Video Production:

DAASN knows the value of video beyond the statistics. There has been no more powerful communications tool over the last hundred years than film and its predecessor video. Video gives us an opportunity to connect and relate to other people more than any other medium. One reason is because it involves the viewer’s emotions and that can be incredibly persuasive. Want to tell a good story? What better way to present and promote an idea, an event, or a history? Video is the answer and DAASN is all about great story-telling.

Our 4-Step Process

At DAASN, we solve your company’s problems using our 4-step process:

Discovery and Assessment

What are you trying to accomplish? Who is your target market and what is the best platform to help you reach your audience? What are your competitors doing?

Strategic Planning

We’ll develop a plan of action to help you reach your goals.

Implementation and Training

We’ll work together to create brand identity, your online persona, company awareness, and we’ll train your team to maintain what we’ve started.

Ongoing Support and Return-on-Investment (ROI) Tracking

We’ll continue to execute and manage your project over time.

Our Clients