The DAASN team is comprised of a talented group SEO experts, writers, social media experts, designers, and marketing virtuosos. We live and breathe this stuff. Literally!

The DAASN Management Team:

Danny Bendebba

Danny Bendebba founded DAASN in 2009. Danny has a background in business solutions and operations management. He has successfully turned around multiple companies in the Health and Wellness industry until devoting his full resources to making DAASN a regional powerhouse when it comes to web presence. Danny can be reached at

Brad Bullard

Brad Bullard is our Chief Technology Officer and is an invaluable resource to ensure our projects are of the highest caliber from back end to front end.  Brad served overseas as an Electrical Engineer for the Marines and turned his efforts to computer science after returning home.  He specializes in all aspects of the digital market place including website, software and app construction. He can be reached at Brad@daasn.com

Lisa Seborowski

Lisa Seborowski is our Chief Commercial Officer. Lisa has been working with businesses and charitable organizations in the Mid-Atlantic for over 25 years.  She’s a veteran of advertising, marketing and sales in television and print, having worked in management positions for TCI Cable, ATT Media Services and Verizon FioS.  She can be reached at Lisa@daasn.com

Jacob Friedman

Jacob Friedman is our Junior Developer. Jacob has extensive experience in Software Development, Web Design, Online Marketing, Social Media and SEO Knowledge.  He is a technology enthusiast, and a constant student. He is always keeping up on technology trends; while expanding his knowledge and skill set to constantly meet industry demands . He can be reached at jacob@daasn.com

Artyom Keller

Artyom “Tom” Keller is our Content Manager. He is a Social Media enthusiast and loves staying connected. From branding, blogging, posting, promoting, and coordinating, Tom get’s it done. We are lucky to have an individual who brings his passion for writing to our projects. Tom can be reached at Tom@daasn.com

Ali Mogar

Ali Mogar is our Art Director, and manages all of our art projects and specializes in photography and mixed media.  Ali can be reached at Ali@daasn.com

Sean Astrakhan

Sean Astrakhan is our UX Designer, and ensures our interfaces look as nice as they function.  Sean’s previous career was in the nonprofit and educational sectors but after some freelance work he became addicted to coding and developing. Sean can be reached at Sean@daasn.com