Using Twitter for Marketing Purposes

Social networking sites are all the rage these days, and they’re great for people who want to be in constant touch with their friends and keep up to date on what they’re doing. But there’s another huge advantage that Twitter brings, especially for businesses. And that’s the ability to market the company and its products or services, and to reach a huge audience of people in just a matter of seconds. This makes Twitter a huge part of many marketing plans, because it’s so effective! So how can you take advantage of Twitter, and how can your business use it in their marketing efforts?

The first and most obvious way to use Twitter for marketing purposes is to use the site to announce specials, promotions, or sales that your company might be having. This will get the word out quickly, and can reach thousands of your customers at the same time. Because so many people are logged onto their computer for so many hours a day, this is a much more effective form of advertising than cold calling or mailing out flyers and brochures. Plus, it’s cheaper too!

You can also use Twitter as part of your marketing campaign to tell customers about certain events you’ll be having, as well as if you need to make any changes to those events, or just give an update after the event was held. If you’re having a Customer Appreciation Barbecue for instance, and it rains the day the event is scheduled for, you can send out a quick Tweet to let your customers know where the event will be held as it can’t be held outside. This is much easier than having someone at the original site, directing people to the new site. It’s also a great way to thank everyone for coming once the event is over and to tell those that didn’t attend what they missed!

Posting links can also be done on Twitter. This is especially useful if you have an article, a blog post, or other piece of interesting content, such as a customer testimonial. It’s very easy to post links up on Twitter and can be used to send your customers to somewhere else where they’ll find something of interest. You can also use these links to direct customers to places such your company’s online store, or somewhere that will allow them to print off a coupon to use at your store.

Last but certainly not least, is the fact that Twitter will help you keep in touch and strengthen your relationship with your customers. Tweeting will allow you to talk to your customers, tell them how much you appreciate them, as well as respond to their questions and concerns. One complaint that customers often have about companies, especially large companies, is the fact that they feel as though they are just a number, and not an actual person. Getting someone like the company’s CEO or President on Twitter and actually interacting with customers can be a huge marketing boost, because your customers will feel as important to your company as they actually are!

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