The Secret Everyone Talks About


It’s one of the most common hypotheses about technology: despite its convenience, the technological revolutions are driving the human race apart, alienating us from one another.

How often do we walk into waiting rooms, or worse, bars, and find everyone in the room gazing at their smart phones instead of chatting lightly with their neighbor, or communing with their friends? But what if there was a redeeming quality to all this alienating gadgetry?

Of course, I’m referring to online dating.

For several millenniums, humans have found a way to find romantic relationships and connections without electronic devices or the internet. However studies show that this new, once stigmatized, dating format has greatly improved this ability in humans. Between 2005 and 2012, William Harms (a social neuroscientist) found that married couples from online dating experienced happier and longer marriages than those who met offline.

With the divorce rate in America reaching 50%, this is a breath of fresh air. The convenience of technology has caught up to the alienating side effect it caused. Now, instead of being relegated to blind dates, loud noisy bars, or one’s area of work, the potential for romance and connection literally spans miles and miles. Internet dating has taken out the problem of logistics when it comes to dating, and has simply enhanced the intrinsic essence of dating: to be able find the person you truly connect with. With more than a 3.5 million users on Okcupid alone, the romance seeker is more than likely to find what it is they are looking for in a relationship.

With the power of the internet in your hands, from dating to business needs, the question left to be answered is what will you do with it. Or rather, What Can DAASN do for you?

Written by Alex Newson of Intern

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