The Effects of Organic Search on Business

Online search is transforming conventional selling models the same way that the advent of digital music downloads revolutionized the music industry.  Control in the buying process has shifted to the customer — and to search engines, which help them find your business. Where you are and what your customers say about you will influence whether or not you are visible on a Google search to your ideal buyer at the time they ready to make a purchase!

While many business leaders have reluctantly accepted the need for an online presence to compete effectively, most haven’t a clue about how things work behind the scenes. That solution is intellcontent you share with your prospects. Your content specialists are now the vanguard of your sales force. Intelligent content is their powerful marketing tool. Let them share their knowledge, help people, and become the marketing beacon that draws informed buyers into your sales funnel.

Mobile search has created a paradigm shift as well.  Mobile search results change as they move around because Google is tracking where searchers are through GPS, delivering results in their direct vicinity. Whether you’re a pure online business or a brick-and-mortar store, mobile search with a local flavor has changed the game and is crucial to both attracting and keeping business.

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