The Beauty of Blogging

Sure, we all have one… an opinion.  But with billions of us on the planet, we each have a unique gift to share, even if we all have one.

Enter Blogging.

Whether you have a business you would like to promote, or you just feel passionate about enough about something that you find catharsis in the act of typing out a viewpoint, blogging is playing a role in more and more people’s lives.  In the 90’s blogging simply started out as a simple form of self expression.

In 2012 however, Huffington Post became big enough to be sold for over $300 million.  WordPress alone has 25 billion pages viewed per month.

The main step to blogging is deciding on something that you care enough to share with others. Does the state of the nation give rise to passion inside you, and would you like to express a view of politics that you are not hearing on tv or on the internet yet?  Or maybe you are a foodie who wants to share the wealth of knowledge you’ve acquired about the local restaurants in your area.  Of course, you could always share a poignant review about movies, discerning the meaning of your favorite character’s journey, and providing a new lense with which to view a movie via your critique.

The rest of blogging, from researching insider information, to searching relevant keywords, promoting your blog, to reviewing (i.e. spying on) your competition’s blogs, etc. is stuff best left up to professionals. A blogger’s main goal is to produce quality content, and leave the marketing up to people who get paid to do so.  Similar to the way a young literary artist who is engaged in creating the next great American novel focuses on…her novel. She let’s her agent work out contracts with publishing houses, researching literary acquisitions editors, and marketing her book.

A blogger should concentrate their talents on blogging, and let their marketing team do the rest. The Pareto Principle manifests itself in the medium of blogging.  The principle states that for many events, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  The most famous example of this principle is that 80% of sales comes from 20% of clients.

The statistics show that 81% of bloggers never make even a $100 from blogging.  Only 8% of bloggers earn enough money to support a family.  Surprisingly, 9% of bloggers can sustain their lifestyle on only 4-6 hours a day of blogging.  And 2 % of bloggers spend only 1-2 hours a day blogging and make +150k from it.

So what do all these figures mean?  80% of success will come from 20% of efforts.  So why spend any productive time performing tasks outside of your vocations and passions, such as blogging about business or field of interests, with things like IPM or SEO, when there are teams of professionals waiting to help and to lift that excess burden off of the bloggers shoulders. One would imagine that bloggers making +150k  do not spend their time on things like that, or focusing their efforts on getting the best insider information about their topics of interest.

Written by Alex Newson, Head of Creative at

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