“The sole purpose of marketing is to sell more to more people, more often and at higher prices. There is no other reason to do it.”
by Sergio Zyman

Social Networking, SEO, WebPR & Strategy

Social Media, SEO & WebPR are critical aspects of a business. With this, growth, stability and profits are achievable. It takes research, strategy, execution and fine tuning.

At DAASN our goal is to help you show up where your clients are watching. Therefore its our job to assist you in packaging your products and services in such a way to appeal to your potential client and then get you to them.

Success in business is all about who you know. DAASN was founded on the belief that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. At DAASN, we help our clients engage with the community and build relationships that lead to better business.

We specialize in:

-     WebPR

Your web presence ensures that you’re being found where people are looking for you. Being found on Twitter, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, & YouTube – wherever your customers have eyes!

-  SEO

Are you in the spotlight? When people search for your product or service, you want to be the first person that they find. Our proprietary suite of SEO methods not only get you in the spotlight, but make sure you’re the only person there!

-     Video and Production

We can create anything, ranging from a brief 30-second commercial to a feature length film to grasp customers’ attention on your site and than optimizing your video for search

-     Social Media Advertising

We’ll increase your online visibility by creating buzz about your company and executing advertising campaigns

At DAASN, we solve your company’s problems using our 4-step process:

1.  Discovery and Assessment

What are you trying to accomplish? Who is your target market and what is the best platform to help you reach your audience? What are your competitors doing?

2.  Strategic Planning

We’ll develop a plan of action to help you reach your goals

3.  Implementation and Training

We’ll work together to create brand identity, your online persona, company awareness, and we’ll train your team to maintain what we’ve started

4.  Ongoing Support and ROI Tracking

We’ll continue to execute and manage your project over time

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