Pulse Matters

Students at the time, Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta, created what would later become an asset that would be worth $90 million worth of stock and cash in a merger deal between their product and Linkedin.
The pro¬duct they created was called Pulse. What does Pulse do exactly? It tailors professional news to you. Analogous to Spotify or Pandora, it gives you the content and news that you prefer, in a succinct, easy to access manner. It allows you to easily save and share content with people within your network . It makes browsing easier, wether it be major news publications or specific bloggers. It allows you to customize your feed any way you prefer, so that the news you receive and can share is news that matters to you and yours. Of course, it is also social: it easily allows for you to share with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Tumblr, making content that much easier.
As pioneers in establishing online presence, DAASN would be remiss to not remind clients and potential clients the exponential value in a tool like Pulse. It cannot be overstated, the value that this award winning ( brings both to you and your business.

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