Offline Networking Around Baltimore


Hey all just wanted to share a couple of things with you about offline networking.

Last week Dan and I attended Funding Universe, Ignite Baltimore and a few client events.  So great to get out and mingle, but also really great as an entrepreneur seeing so many people reaching out despite what the ‘news’ says.  We met up with Shawn Callahan @ Converge, great guy, great product (check it out). Also met up with Monica Beeman @ Funding Universe (also worthy of investigating, especially if you are looking for some funding capital to get a great idea off the ground).  So many opportunities out there.

So my take away…. if you feel the market is drying up, people aren’t shopping and the news is right… just step outside of yourself, attend a networking event and it will revitalize your energy, passion and confirm you are headed in the right direction.

Thanks Baltimore!

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