Maryland: The State with Endless Possibilities


I’ve lived in Maryland most of my life. I find it to be an amazing state (well, if we leave out the politics) Maryland gives residents the opportunity to experience all four seasons! I spent a Christmas in Florida and let me tell you, Christmas lights on Palm Tress just don’t give the same ‘Holiday Spirit’ feel.

Maryland residents also have the opportunity to experience farm land, the ‘city feel’ or see the ocean and mountains without leaving the state! We’re also close to awesome tourist areas like Washington DC, people come from around the WORLD to visit our Nation’s Capitol and we can drive there in 45 minutes (pending location)

Maryland has a lot of history, did you know both Baltimore and Annapolis were once the Nations Capitol? And Maryland is Francis Scott Key’s birth state, he wrote the National Anthem, thats pretty significant! And more recent successful people from Maryland? Cal Ripken Jr, Ben Carson, Ginuwine, Edward Norton, Michael Phelps, I mean the list of talented people from Maryland could go on and on!

Between delicious food (seriously, I cant even order a crab cake out of state, it can’t even compare,) and our amazing Sports teams, Maryland truly has something to offer everyone!

Written by: Stephanie Barnard of COO

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