Marketing Your Business through Social Networking Sites

Social networking is definitely all the rage these days, and has been for some time. But more and more businesses are starting to see that social networking isn’t just a place for friends to tell each other about their day or do some quizzes, they’re also great marketing potential for companies! It’s true that with a simple profile page, you can get the word out about your company quickly and easily. But, you need to know how to effectively use social networking so that you end up attracting customers rather than discouraging them from ever using your company. Here are some ways that you can do just that.

Start just by adding friends and other people that might be interested in you or your business. The easiest way to do it is by first inviting your friends and family to join your group or fan page, and then building from there. No one is going to be turned off by the fact that you’ve got thousands of friends so feel free to invite as many as you can, and encourage others to do the same! Also, once you have a good number of people as your friends on these sites, don’t ever stop looking for more people to add!

The next step is to send out announcements whenever you have something new. So whether you’re promoting a new product, or you’ve just added something to your website, send out an announcement telling the people who are on your page or in your group. Be careful with this one though. Sometimes businesses send out an announcement or bulletin about every single thing, and this can really irritate people. People don’t want their home page or their news page to be filled with things only pertaining to your company. So only send out announcements when there’s something really important!

Always remember, whatever you’re putting up on the social networking site, to always keep it friendly and casual. This is the tone that most social networking sites have, and keeping with that tone will not only make your page blend in with the site better, but your customers will appreciate it too. The average customer goes onto social networking sites to relax and have fun. So in turn, make sure that your page is also relaxing and fun! Remember social media is to be seen as a place to build relationships.  Think of each interaction as if that very person was walking into your store… how would you approach them…would you walk up and immediately ask them to buy something..?  Probably not, so don’t do that here.

Lastly, make sure you put up photos on your page. No one wants to go to a page that’s filled with dry text, and where they have to scan line after line of writing. Put up pictures from the Christmas party, your new products, or even just your location. People like to have visuals when they’re looking through things so make sure your social networking page has lots of them!

Social networking is a phenomenon that every business must be a part of today. It reaches out to your customers and allows them to communicate with your company, and learn more about it. And if you really look at what customers want and need, you’ll find it’s exactly that!

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