Innovations in Marketing

Innovation is successfully adapting to changes in a dynamic system with the implementation of new products or services that exploit the weaknesses or spurn growth in that system.

Innovation is having the ability to transform or perform a metamorphosis as changing circumstances require. In the contemporary global market, as it exists today, constant innovation is crucial strategy to successfully navigating a mine field of constant variability. Being able to adapt and create within this variable field determines the viability of internet marketing.

The role of innovation in entrepreneurship is perhaps more important than it is for longer established businesses. A business with an established customer base still needs to be able to adjust to the changing marketplace in order to expand their bases. It is even more important, however, that an entrepreneurial business establishes and grows their customer base. It is easily done with educated guidance on how to maneuver the frequent changes in marketing strategies needed to stay on top of the masses.

 Algorithms and Other Determining Factors

The winds of change can reverse directions in the blink of an eye. Being prepared for those changes can mean the difference in a positive or less-than-positive result in internet marketing strategy. Flexibility is crucial in successful marketing when using social media and other internet marketing innovations. Algorithms that determine the success of a marketing strategy can change, and, as you might imagine, they change quickly.

Google claims Hummingbird algorithm offers a natural way to use its search engines. Google SVP Amit Singhal said “that this is the largest algorithm update in three years.” So we here at DAASN suggest you get up to date ASAP, here is a link: that will help you get a greater understanding. Anticipating these changes and updating your analytical protocols can further your rates of success in internet marketing.

 A Video Marketing Outline

Video marketing is a successful tool used in online marketing strategies. It has been shown that the video is generally the first page of a Google search. The first page is the page consumers are most likely to click, so having a strong web video presence is a prime example of successful internet marketing strategies. The popularity of social networking sites, such as Facebook and YouTube, has created a viewing market that is both inexpensive and reaches an astounding number of potential customers.

An outline for video marketing would include:

-Identifying the Target Audience

-Concept Coverage

-Production of the Concept in Video Form

-Publishing the Video Online

The video marketing strategy is one that will capture the attention of many. It is a strategy with a long shelf life and few limitations. The target audience is limited only by those who have no Internet access.

 A New Frontier in Marketing

Internet marketing is a relatively new frontier. There is a learning curve and not everyone is at the same point on that curve. Strategies and techniques are closely guarded, and at DASSN we have plenty of secrets that our competitors would love to get their hands on. There are those who have had and who will continue to have great successes in this field. Being wise enough to seek out the information and knowledge is a sign of intelligence that will lead to business success.


Written by: Danny BenDebba of CEO

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