Have you heard about Cloud Services by Amazon?

Recently DAASN met with Garrick Grube, Owner of GSquared Corp. he imparts some knowledge on the new cloud storage options with Amazon!

Cloud based computing is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s business world. Most people know cloud computing as applications being provided to a user via a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. This type of service is known as software as a service (SaaS). Software as a service allows users to access the information they need anytime and anywhere as long as they have access to the internet.

There is another form of cloud computing which individuals outside of the IT industry are probably not aware of. It is called infrastructure as a service (IaaS). This type of cloud computing is making an impact on how companies, new and old, are viewing their IT strategies because there is now not a need for huge capital investments in IT infrastructure.

The concept behind Infrastructure as a service is that you only pay for the infrastructure that you use. You may have created a server but found you do not need to use. You turn off the server and are not charged for it. When the time comes and you decide to turn the server on, only at the time you power the server on will you start to be charged. Amazon is one of the few companies that provide this type of service and their product is called Amazon Web Services. They charge you per minute per device that is turned on. This service allows you to deploy an entire IT infrastructure (router, firewalls, servers), which used to be hardware devices, as virtual, cloud based devices.

A great practical use of infrastructure as a service would be someone who is launching an online store for Christmas shopping. This company may not know how many customers will be coming to the site and may not know how many servers they will need to accommodate their customers. The company creates and deploys 10 servers to accommodate their customer’s needs. Throughout the Christmas shopping season the company may find that they can scale back and only need 5 servers. The company can then shut down the 5 servers that they do not need and the company will only be charged for the 5 servers that are turned on and being used. On the flip side, if the company finds that they need 15 servers they can deploy 5 more servers quickly with little to no effort.

The infrastructure as a service is being introduced into companies more and more and has great benefits for businesses that are just starting out. Before, companies would need to outlay a huge amount of capital in order to create and build a dependable IT infrastructure. Today, companies can create and build that same dependable infrastructure by using a service such as Amazon Web Services for a fraction of the cost and time.

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