Google Authorship: Wondering how to have your content stand out on the web?


Anyone who has ever put it out there on the internet, in a literary sense, knows that it’s easy for their material to get amidst a wash of competing internet content. As such, spotting the technological and marketing trends that are guaranteed to get your work noticed is critical to building your brand awareness across the internet.
Face it, if you went to the trouble of writing it and putting it out on the information super highway, then you want to receive the recognition and accolades that are your due. When it comes to interfacing with the buying public, and establishing yourself as the preeminent authority on a given topic, Google Authorship is increasingly looking like the up and coming vehicle for doing exactly that.

Google Authorship will increase your search potential by highlighting your content directly in the search engine window, which will make it easy for your readership to find you and your entire body of work. This exposure makes growing your online business easy and exciting at the same time. By connecting to your account, you instantly link every article you publish to your Google+ profile.

Although still in its infancy, Google Authorship stands to increase authorship rankings by linking the quality content you produce to your acknowledged name brand. These increased author rankings result in higher a SEO ranking which translates into wider visibility. Wider visibility on the World Wide Web is the difference between becoming famous and not becoming famous. Additionally as mentioned, since Google Authorship is still prepping for blast-off, starting now will but you firmly on the outside of the bell curve when it comes to developing quality content that is ready to go.

When it comes to delivery platforms, Google Authorship is poised to deliver your written words to the widest possible audience, and in one of the most elegant formats available. Meaningful engagement between an online scribe and an online audience is now easier and more efficient with Google Authorship online.

By Danny BenDebba of CEO

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