Question: I have a job, a family, two pets and a weekend volunteer gig. There’s no time in my life to surf the Internet, the way I did when I was younger. How do I stay on top of all my favorite blogs, news sites, and the latest developments in my profession?

Answer: The ultimate digital productivity tool for many time-stressed professionals is a social feed reader. It works for you, 24/7, monitoring news and updates, pulling together what you’ve programmed it to find, and delivering it to you quickly and efficiently. Google Reader was the granddaddy reader service, but since Google ended the service last year, several new options have come up to replace it.

One of the most efficient is Feedspot, which can relieve you of the anxiety of missing important information because you just don’t have time to check all your must-look websites every day. Feedspot does the checking for you, combing through multiple sources chosen by you from its large library of feeds on tech, web design, world news, science, health, food, startups and entrepreneurship, and many other categories. Once you’ve set up Feedspot to aggregate the news you need for work, play — or just to stay informed about the world — Feedspot delivers it all to you daily or in real-time updates to your email inbox. You can star articles, share them, store them, and build a network to follow for even more information, without having to go surfing into the far corners of the Internet.

Feedspot is a Social RSS Reader – It’s fast, beautiful and simple way to keep up with all your favorite websites in one place and find new good ones.

Feedspot’s details are at

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