Government Censorship

Governments are more eager than ever to gather data about Facebook users. From 2013 to 2014 global surveillance requested for Facebook user data increased 24%. This is accordance with the company’s transparency report. 34,946 requests were made between January and June including messages, IP addresses, and account information. Censorship has also increased globally. From June […]

Holiday Marketing

Because the holidays are such a busy time, marketing and sales processes often get hectic and overwhelming for small businesses. It’s essential to keep everything organized and efficient, and there are lots of potential mistakes that you need to watch out for. 1. Starting Too Late or Too Early If you don’t start planning early […]

Startup Salaries

Technology has made it easier to establish startups and create opportunities for people looking for jobs outside of the corporate model. Passion and motivation should drive employees to thrive in their professional positions, yet salary is a great motivator. However, startups approach salary in a very different way. Negotiating salary can be a very intimidating […]

Don't be afraid to include Videos in your SEO Process

Is your company optimizing itself in all platforms of SEO? Many businesses are hesitant to venture into the world of Video Production. Most believe it’s complicated, expensive, overwhelming. However, with free editing software like YouTube Video Editor, iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, any company is capable of reaping the benefits of Video SEO. Research shows […]

On-Page SEO for 2014

On-Page Optimization affects the way we all view the internet.  With Google controlling 67.6% of all online searches made daily in the United States, there is a tough fight to reach the top and On-Page SEO will get you there. There is also a common misconception that Google does all the work for you automatically, […]