Net Neutrality

Did You Know? The term ‘net neutrality’ was coined by Tim Wu, a professor at the Columbia Law School, and first used in his paper ‘Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination’ in 2003. Net neutrality, also referred to as ‘Internet neutrality’ or ‘network neutrality’, is a regulatory concept which eliminates any type of discrimination in transmission and […]

Reaching Customers

How do we reach customers in an authentic way? Giving facts, selling promotions, and throwing pitches just isn’t cutting it. Some are looking for the convergence of marketing and PR. Customers will be connected if employees are connected. Stress is put on being a true service provider. Marketing revolves around adjusting channels and content, while […]


SEO may not be “dead”, but it has ceded its spotlight in the web marketing world to User Site Experience Optimization – USEO for short. Google’s search engine has drastically improved at interpreting what you really want when you type a query into its search engine, and it’s getting better every day. If you search […]

Government Censorship

Governments are more eager than ever to gather data about Facebook users. From 2013 to 2014 global surveillance requested for Facebook user data increased 24%. This is accordance with the company’s transparency report. 34,946 requests were made between January and June including messages, IP addresses, and account information. Censorship has also increased globally. From June […]

The Beauty of Blogging

Sure, we all have one… an opinion.  But with billions of us on the planet, we each have a unique gift to share, even if we all have one. Enter Blogging. Whether you have a business you would like to promote, or you just feel passionate about enough about something that you find catharsis in the act […]

8 Steps to Optimize your Website

First things first: 1) Website Audit: We need to determine the current state of your website and then we can make proper website suggestions. 2) Set up: You might ask, set up what? We need to set up your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools 3) Keyword Analysis: We need to figure out what keywords […]

The Secret Everyone Talks About

It’s one of the most common hypotheses about technology: despite its convenience, the technological revolutions are driving the human race apart, alienating us from one another. How often do we walk into waiting rooms, or worse, bars, and find everyone in the room gazing at their smart phones instead of chatting lightly with their neighbor, […]