Facebook Extensions

Facebook has advanced. You can now use Facebook extensions to read your News Feed, send messages, and post status updates from your toolbar. Social Filter is a great tool that filters your news feed, hide posts you’ve already seen, and can allow you to customize the toolbar. Photo zoom for Google Chrome allows you to […]

Holiday Marketing

Because the holidays are such a busy time, marketing and sales processes often get hectic and overwhelming for small businesses. It’s essential to keep everything organized and efficient, and there are lots of potential mistakes that you need to watch out for. 1. Starting Too Late or Too Early If you don’t start planning early […]

Startup Salaries

Technology has made it easier to establish startups and create opportunities for people looking for jobs outside of the corporate model. Passion and motivation should drive employees to thrive in their professional positions, yet salary is a great motivator. However, startups approach salary in a very different way. Negotiating salary can be a very intimidating […]

Federal Cuts Hitting the Mid-Atlantic Region

KatzAbosch, a valued client of has some informative news to share for those in the Mid-Atlantic region. People working in civilian federal government jobs are now feeling the tightening grip of federal budget cuts. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Maryland’s personal income growth last year lagged behind most of the nation due […]

Don't be afraid to include Videos in your SEO Process

Is your company optimizing itself in all platforms of SEO? Many businesses are hesitant to venture into the world of Video Production. Most believe it’s complicated, expensive, overwhelming. However, with free editing software like YouTube Video Editor, iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, any company is capable of reaping the benefits of Video SEO. Research shows […]

On-Page SEO for 2014

On-Page Optimization affects the way we all view the internet.  With Google controlling 67.6% of all online searches made daily in the United States, there is a tough fight to reach the top and On-Page SEO will get you there. There is also a common misconception that Google does all the work for you automatically, […]

The Beauty of Blogging

Sure, we all have one… an opinion.  But with billions of us on the planet, we each have a unique gift to share, even if we all have one. Enter Blogging. Whether you have a business you would like to promote, or you just feel passionate about enough about something that you find catharsis in the act […] CEO Announced as Winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award is always proud to share exciting news about their clients. Kwame Kuadey, the founder and CEO of, received the 2014 Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Consumer and Technology Services on Thursday evening. The eight Maryland winners were announced at the annual black-tie event held at the Hilton in Baltimore. […]