Content Manager Position Available

DAASN, a premier technology and marketing firm in Towson, MD is looking for a capable Internet Marketing Specialist/Content Manager to provide support with writing, communications, social media management, and engagement. This role oversees the planning, creation, and implementation of efforts to raise brand awareness for clients and the company itself. Using a variety of social […]

Making Happier Cities

The Internet of Everything is moving from a cool tech concept, connecting all our everyday devices at home and work, to a policy choice for city officials all over the world. As one European mayor put it, adopting IoE in city systems can make for building “a happier city.” How does IoE (also called the […]

Mobilegeddon Has Come and Passed… What Now?

The official date of Mobilegeddon has come and gone, but the impact of mobile-friendliness for search marketers will still be felt. In this new world order, sites with large, zoom-free readability and buttons, fast load times, and optimized screen resolution will all be table stakes. Marketers don’t want to miss a thing when it comes to […]


Question: I have a job, a family, two pets and a weekend volunteer gig. There’s no time in my life to surf the Internet, the way I did when I was younger. How do I stay on top of all my favorite blogs, news sites, and the latest developments in my profession? Answer: The ultimate […]


President Barack Obama signed an executive order this year that calls for private companies to work together to fight cyber threats – and to more readily share with the government the data they collect from their users. The signing ceremony came at the end of a speech on data security that Obama gave at Stanford […]

Your 2015 SEO Checklist

Are you launching a new site or need to increase your SEO? Here is your checklist for being in the best shape for SEO this year: Did you create a new Email address for your site? Did you install Google Analytics? This is a must! Did you install Google Webmaster tools? Did you install Bing […]

The EU is Set To Probe US Tech Companies

The European Union (EU) is reportedly set to carry out a wide-ranging probe into Google, Amazon, and other U.S. tech giants — going well beyond the EU antitrust investigation that made recent headlines. The EU’s ultimate goal with this new probe is to establish a universal set of regulations for how companies conduct business in the digital space. A […]

Avoid the Mobile SEO Penalty From Google

Google has announced the rollout of a big change in its search algorithm.  It’s called “Mobilegeddon” by some. From now on, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will be penalized by Google’s search engine, causing many businesses to scramble to make their sites conform. Small businesses will be hit the hardest because their websites are outdated.  In […]

"Growth Hackers"

There’s a growing movement in Silicon Valley to replace “Marketers” with a new position called “Growth Hackers”. Some are claiming that startups should eliminate their marketing teams altogether. I agree that marketers in general need to become more data-oriented and tech-savvy. I also respect many of the techniques that are getting categorized as “growth hacks”. But I […]

Integrated Marketing

Where integrated marketing communications focuses on the communication and promotions aspects, integrated marketing in turn focuses on the marketing mix of products viz – product, price, place and promotions. The idea behind integrated marketing is that you can customize the offering to a customer based on the segment you are targeting and thereby target various […]