Avoid the Mobile SEO Penalty From Google

Google has announced the rollout of a big change in its search algorithm.  It’s called “Mobilegeddon” by some. From now on, websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will be penalized by Google’s search engine, causing many businesses to scramble to make their sites conform.

Small businesses will be hit the hardest because their websites are outdated.  In “tech-time,” even a year-old site can be obsolete, and many small businesses don’t have the resources to overhaul their sites and adapt.

Google, which controls two-thirds of the US market and nearly 90 percent of the market in Europe, announced the change in its algorithm on Feb. 26.

Although Google provided guidelines on how to make a site mobile-friendly, many companies may nevertheless be stymied by this overhaul. Every site should be quick, adaptive to different screen sizes and easy to navigate.

The best way to make sites mobile-ready is responsive web design, which provides an optimal viewing experience as far as resizing, panning and scrolling, whether working on a desktop or with a mobile device.

It’s crucial that companies adapt to this new search flow to be able to track traffic from mobile devices. DAASN can help.

DAASN evaluates the architecture of a site before updating it. Once we have an overview, we break down the site into its component parts and reformat it to go mobile. Our experienced developers use CSS3 and other tools to produce a site ready for any screen size while preserving the site’s look and feel. We make sure all mobile sites are fast, easy to navigate and adaptable to any setting. Using responsive web design, DAASN can make you ready for the mobile market.

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