Are you Disappointed in Yahoo’s Top 10 Searches of 2013? (Me too!)

Have you seen the Top 10 Yahoo Searches of 2013? The top 10 10 Yahoo Searches were:

1. Miley Cyrus

2. Kim Kardashian

3. Kate Upton

4. Minecraft

5. Selena Gomez

6. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)

7. Amanda Bynes

8. Jodi Arias

9. iPhone 5

10. Justin Bieber

Clearly celebrities are a highly searched topic in our culture. This list actually disappoints me, there were so many events and positive stories that never make the headlines.

One of the cutest stories that I remember from 2013 was when San Francisco transformed into Gotham City for a young boy to become “BatKid.”

How about the homeless man who returned a womans diamond ring, after she accidentally dropped it into his donation cup? His honesty and good deed helped transform and change his life.

Let’s not forget Cleveland Kidnapping Hero, Charles Ramsey, who followed his intuition and helped rescue three woman from captivity.

I rarely ever watch the news anymore because I personally don’t care what Kim Kardashian is wearing or who celebrities are “supposedly” dating. In 2014 I think it be great for us to focus on more positive and worthwhile news and stories.

I found this great Facebook Page that highlights Random Acts of Kindness or stories about how others are helping change peoples lives for the better.

Lets make 2014 more uplifting!

Written by Stephanie Barnard of COOorder custom essay

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