Another Successful Year for Internet Entertainment

The year 2013, like most of the millennials, was another year of comedic brilliance displayed by the Internet. While it is no secret that the Internet is a powerful medium of communication, and one of the greatest inventions created by man in general, its most undervalued feature is one of its most poignant: the power to affect the human heart. It allows windows into the flesh of transcendental laughter.

In 2013, it provided a man the opportunity to dress up like Batman and save all of suburbia from the dangers of boredom and lack of amusement.

A man who was recording a live high speed car chase-reminiscent of a 1990’s action flick-on his television became a witness to the event in real life when the suspect and the cops drove past his house and the helicopter camera displayed his home on live television.

Another “March of The Penguins” clip was filmed, but this time, not only did the viewer witness them trudge on the road of happy destiny, the viewer saw a penguin’s fall, saw his comrades laughing with him, and saw a penguin pick himself back up (without arms no less).

Even a horror film was made in which every protagonist decided not to subject themselves to bad decisions-such as playing occult games like Ouija or visit haunted cabins-and live!

Of course, the pertinent question in all this is what does one do with this tool? A better question, what can DAASN, a company exclusively dedicated to building internet presence do for you?

Written by Alex Newson of Intern

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