8 Steps to Optimize your Website

First things first:

1) Website Audit: We need to determine the current state of your website and then we can make proper website suggestions.

2) Set up: You might ask, set up what? We need to set up your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

3) Keyword Analysis: We need to figure out what keywords and phrases are pertinent to you business so that we can optimize your website properly and configure keyword mapping

4) Website Optimization: Now it is really time to go to work, so we will be working on:

URL optimization

Image Alt Tag Optimization

Canonical Optimization

Robot.txt Optimization

Sitemap Generation

Sitemap Submission

Navigation & Site Structure

404 Redirects

5) Content writing:

Meta Title Writing

Meta Description Writing

Header Tag Writing

Duplicate Content Check

Web Page Rewriting

6) Content Optimization:

Meta Content Optimization

Header Tag Optimization

Webpage Optimization

7) Implementation:

Google Page Speed

Structure Data

8) Testing:

Browser Compatibility

Broken Link Testing

External and internal optimization of your website plays an important role in gaining the attention from search engines.

Our dynamic on page optimization SEO services will get you the desired traffic and visibility. The best part about this service is that it’s a one time effort and your website will be optimized for the opportunity to be found when one is looking for your products or services.

Our dynamic on-page optimization package is the most comprehensive in the market. Focused towards obtaining top search engine position and great online visibility, our package uses the best and most trusted strategies.

You get tremendous returns on your one time investment through our package as we include copious lead generation and indexing. Please let us know if we can help you get found!

Written by: Danny BenDebba of CEO

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