5 Reasons Why Using Google Plus for Business is Good!

Reason 1: Build presence

Having a profile and a page is useless unless you develop a presence within the community. Your presence consists of you creating your community and being involved with the rest of the community. You will see your circles and your engagement begin to grow.

Add people to your circles – Circles are the central feature of Google+. Start by adding those that you already know have a profile page. You can do this by going to the homepage and going to the “you may know” section. This section allows you to connect to all of your email accounts and search for those with same school, job, etc.
Share your content – Create content to share with your circles and to the public. Once you share your content, you will be building out your presence with your page when others view it. Whether its your circles or the public, because your Google Plus is searchable.
Engage in Communities – Communities are groups that have the same interest as you. Search through the topics to find communities that interest you. You can join communities or create your own and begin engaging with others in them. If you don’t find one that fits what your looking for, you can create your own.
Engage in Hangouts – Hangouts are real time, live video chats and are a great way to connect with other users. You can join or create your own hangout to engage with others.

Reason 2: Connect with target customers

Google+ is a great way to connect with your target customers with its profiles, pages, and communities. These are excellent ways to promote your presence and connect with your target customers. To find customers to connect with, you can do searches and being involved in the communities.

Keyword Search – You can conduct searches in Google+ within “people and pages,” using keywords that are related to your ideal target customer. When the search results pull up, you can add them to your circles.
Community involvement – Your ideal target customers cannot follow your profile or pages from the community. However, you can grab their attention by maintaining a spam free community and sharing topics that they want to know about.

Reason 3: Establish Industry Expertise

Google+ is truly unique and one of a kind social media network. It’s a social networking site that is a mixture of both personal and professional networking. This allows users to have a more in-depth networking experience and a stronger platform of expertise building. You can establish your industry expertise by sharing relevant content and sharing resources.

Write content that is important to your customers. Keep them updated with new information, tips, tricks, how-tos, tutorials, and ideas that will be helpful to them. You can also follow experts from your business niche, network and engage with them. Sharing any useful information from these experts with your customers. Giving your customers information that benefits them, will show them your expertise in the field.

Reason 4: Show up in search

Google+ has made its presence known in the search engines. It is a powerful SEO tool and needs to be one of your main social media marketing tools. There are ways you can increase your search results and have higher rankings using Google+. I am going to share a couple of ways with you.

Optimize Google+ profile and business page – You will want to fill in your information on your profile and business page, completely. It’s important to make sure your information is optimized on both of them. This will help you build a strong foundation for SEO success. Google determines the order of both pages for the on-page optimization and search results.
Connect Google+ to your website – There are a few different ways to get your website directly connected to Google+. You can add a Google badge that links to your profile or you can put in a code that no one will see on your website.

Reason 5: Get connected to peers

Google+ is a great way to connect and share with your peers; family, friends, teachers, classmates, etc. Whoever you want to stay in contact with, you can do a search to find them. As long as they have a profile page, you can add them to your circles to stay in touch.

You can post photos to share with your family and friends, get updates on school events or create hangouts to talk with your teacher about class. Whether your using it for personal or business, there is no limit on what you can share with others. The more peers you follow, they are going to follow you back, which is an excellent way to get your rankings in search results higher.

In conclusion, having a Google Plus profile and business page will be very beneficial for anyone who is running a business. Utilizing all the features and tools the proper way, it will give you higher rankings in the search results. The higher rankings will create more exposure for your business and drive more traffic to your website.

When using Google Plus for business, keep in mind that it’s a good thing to have a strategy in place. As you develop your strategy, please keep the 5 ways mentioned in this blog post in mind.

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