4 Not-So-Boring Ways to Boost your 'Boring' Brand on Social Media

Engaging users and staying relevant are among the biggest social media marketing concerns for businesses and brands, but what do you do when your product or service is a little dry?

We’re talking about “boring” brands, which run the gamut from financial services to asbestos removal. Although they’re necessary businesses, they can be a struggle to promote on social media: if it’s not a funny cat video or news about the latest smartphone, it’s difficult to get noticed on newsfeeds.

If you’ve got a boring brand, have no fear—DAASN is here to help with four creative approaches that can boost your engagement and ultimately your business!

Know your Audience

What are the demographics of your target audience? Are they hard-working blue-collar workers, or young professionals? Are they trendy millennials, or middle-aged mothers? Different demographics have distinct voices—it’s important to listen to them and learn their language, especially when responding to customer pain points.

People like to hear from people, not companies or brands. You will become more accessible and real to your customers by adapting their voice into your own, thus increasing their confidence in you as a trustworthy brand that truly “gets” their customers.

Get to know who your customers are by using Google Analytics or Facebook Page Insights, and then work that data into your marketing approach. Create an authentic voice that tells their story and use it on your website, advertising, and social media accounts.

Cartoon by Tom Fishburne.

Cartoon by Tom Fishburne.


Educate your Fans

Who knows more about an industry than the very people working within it? Use education as a tool to create discussion about your industry and build your brand without blatantly hard-selling your product.

Create a YouTube channel that features fun videos or short video blogs about topics related to your product or service. Tweet or post fun facts about your industry and its history. Host a Reddit AMA or Twitter chat to welcome questions from your followers, and reply with friendly and helpful answers.

Customers may not always need what you’re selling, but if you become a recognized authority within your niche, they will come to you once it’s time to buy. In the meantime, you will be building up the expectation that your brand is the go-to source whenever a customer has a question!

Make it about Them, Not You

Usually, people do not care about your brand, product, or service—they care about their own needs and interests. Appeal to the customer’s human nature by providing content that they will care about, instead of inundating them with repetitive content about your brand. Remember: you aren’t directly selling to the customer, but rather strengthening their association with your brand as a positive and engaging entity.

One approach to this is to write content that is helpful to the community within your niche. For example, if you are a small company that makes locally-sourced dog food, create a blog about pet parenthood with posts offering fun suggestions of activities to do with your dog or tips for dog ownership. (You can also use this platform to bring in some of that education aspect we just talked about!)

Another approach is to tell customer stories. You can ask them to submit stories, photos, or videos featuring your product that you will then post on your brand’s social media accounts. You can also encourage them to share their themed posts on their own accounts using a hashtag specific to your brand or campaign. To go with the previous example of the dog food company, an engaging campaign would be to ask customers to send in photos of their furry friends digging in to their favorite flavor of your brand along with a memorable hashtag, like #happybellyhappydogs.

Giving customers the spotlight not only shows that your brand cares about its customers, but it creates organic buzz. People love to see themselves featured online, and will extend your reach by sharing the content on their own personal social media accounts. You may gain some of their friends and followers as your own!

Go Behind the Scenes

Sure, your brand or product may be boring, but you and your staff aren’t! Show your customers and fans how awesome your company and workplace is by sharing videos or photos that go behind the scenes. Social media platforms like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat are great for quick, personal glimpses into the inner-workings of your brand.

This makes your brand more personable and human, and gives customers a sense of what it’s like working for your company and what you’re all about. Of course, it’s important to maintain a sense of professionalism, but you can still have plenty of fun with this approach!


Illustration by Flickr user wilgengebroed.

It will take some experimenting to figure out which approach is the most effective in connecting with your customers, so don’t be afraid of a little trial and error. If we missed any strategies that work for your “boring” brand, let us know in the comments below!

Header photo by Jason Howle on Flickr.

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