2015 Marketing Trends, Turning Your Website Into A Rainmaker and Holiday Happy Hour

On December 9th, DAASN will be hosting its Holiday Event. The event will host discussions by Sterling McKinley, CEO of McKinley Media Group and Brad Bullard, DAASN CTO.



The event will begin at 3pm at the DAASN office at 31 Allegheny Ave. Suite 302 in Towson, followed by a Happy Hour at Cafe Troia downstairs at 4pm.

There will be no cost except we will be accepting Toys for Tots donations.


Our first speaker will be Sterling McKinley.

As an online marketing specialist, Sterling McKinley has advised businesses across the country on how to use online marketing to increase sales. He focuses on website design, search engine optimization, social, mobile & video marketing.

At our event, Sterling will discuss 2015 Online Marketing Trends and how to choose an internet marketing consultant.

It is hard to believe that 2015 is right around the corner. As the weather starts to cool down, digital marketers’ brains just begin to warm up and think about the budget for the New Year.

The million-dollar question is what are the best digital networks to invest into and what platforms should receive more exposure for 2015?

Here are some basic tips for when you are trying to hire an Internet marketing consultant.

Define the Need:

Before you even consider hiring an Internet marketing consultant, outline what your company or website needs.  Yes, that sounds like a basic requirement but if you don’t spend the energy in truly defining what you need, you will not get the results you want.  For example, you can ask yourself if you need:

  •         To create an optimized landing page that will convert more incoming traffic into sales leads
  •         To increase rankings in search engine results
  •         To develop a pay-per-click program
  •         To outline a social media strategy
  •         To do all of the above


Our second speaker will be DAASN’s own CTO, Brad Bullard discussing how to Turn Your Website into a Rain Maker.

Topics Covered Will Be:

  • Misconceptions about having a website for your business
  • Make your website your top employee
  • Tailoring User Experience to generating revenue
  • Proper tactics for winning business online
  • Result tracking through goal completion (Google Analytics)


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For questions, please contact or call 1-443-473-2786.


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