2015 Marketing Trends, Turning Your Website Into A Rainmaker and Holiday Happy Hour

On December 9th, DAASN will be hosting its Holiday Event. The event will host discussions by Sterling McKinley, CEO of McKinley Media Group and Brad Bullard, DAASN CTO.   The event will begin at 3pm at the DAASN office at 31 Allegheny Ave. Suite 302 in Towson, followed by a Happy Hour at Cafe Troia downstairs […]

Learn How To Master Emerging Web Technologies And The Internet Of Everything

Machine-to-Machine communication is the heart of the Internet of Things. With the rise of wearable devices and the principle of the quantified self, single individuals will also become connected, ushering the age of the Internet of Everything. Legacy systems designed for traditional desktop computers will need to communicate with more agile data streams and multiple […]

Google Rolls out new Shopping Campaign tools in time for the Holiday Shopping Season

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday fast approaching, retailers are preparing for severe and frequent fluctuations in supply and demand that come with them.  Thankfully, Google has released several new tools that Retailers can put to use in keeping up with the ups and downs this holiday season. The new Auction Insights feature allows advertisers […]

Government Censorship

Governments are more eager than ever to gather data about Facebook users. From 2013 to 2014 global surveillance requested for Facebook user data increased 24%. This is accordance with the company’s transparency report. 34,946 requests were made between January and June including messages, IP addresses, and account information. Censorship has also increased globally. From June […]

Facebook Extensions

Facebook has advanced. You can now use Facebook extensions to read your News Feed, send messages, and post status updates from your toolbar. Social Filter is a great tool that filters your news feed, hide posts you’ve already seen, and can allow you to customize the toolbar. Photo zoom for Google Chrome allows you to […]

Holiday Marketing

Because the holidays are such a busy time, marketing and sales processes often get hectic and overwhelming for small businesses. It’s essential to keep everything organized and efficient, and there are lots of potential mistakes that you need to watch out for. 1. Starting Too Late or Too Early If you don’t start planning early […]

Startup Salaries

Technology has made it easier to establish startups and create opportunities for people looking for jobs outside of the corporate model. Passion and motivation should drive employees to thrive in their professional positions, yet salary is a great motivator. However, startups approach salary in a very different way. Negotiating salary can be a very intimidating […]