DAASN’s 8 steps to On Page Website Optimization

First things first: 1. Website Audit: we need to determine the current state of your website and then we can make proper website suggestions. 2. Set up: You might ask, set up what? We need to set up you Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools 3. Keyword Analysis: we need to figure out what keywords […]

Smart and Dumb Technology

Reid Hoffman is best known for helping create the social Giant Linkedin. But not only did he help create Linkedin, he was involved in the reations of Zynga, Facebook, and Paypal. It is safe to say that he understands value in business and knows where it is located. Where he does not seem to find […]

Pulse Matters

Students at the time, Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta, created what would later become an asset that would be worth $90 million worth of stock and cash in a merger deal between their product and Linkedin. The pro¬duct they created was called Pulse. What does Pulse do exactly? It tailors professional news to you. […]