A Sincere Thank You to our Clients!

I’ve been thinking about what to write this month in our newsletter, besides talking about the current trends, “What’s Hot and What’s Not.” I keep coming back to customer service and how thankful we are to have our clients! We are able to do what we do because we have clients, of course we have […]

Another Successful Year for Internet Entertainment

The year 2013, like most of the millennials, was another year of comedic brilliance displayed by the Internet. While it is no secret that the Internet is a powerful medium of communication, and one of the greatest inventions created by man in general, its most undervalued feature is one of its most poignant: the power […]

How Amazon Can Pay You

DAASN recently met with Kwame, CEO of Gift Card Rescue and Carrie Brenner which resulted in this golden nugget of information about Amazon! The days of searching around for the best deals might be a thing of the past, thanks to Amazon’s unadvertised policy. According to the frugal lifestyle advocates at the r/Frugal subreddit, Amazon […]

Amazon is coming to Baltimore, Maryland

Graham Dodge, Director of Marketing for KatzAbosch shared some exciting local Baltimore, Maryland news. Amazon is coming to Baltimore! By the end of 2014, the Seattle based company is expected to open a 1 million square foot distribution center on the old site of the General Motors Assembly plant in Southeast Baltimore. According to the […]